Welcome to Narabi Trading Company

This is the home page of the Narabi Trading Company.

You can find here some informations about this alliance
and some public announcements.

 - Clanlose Gesellen (am)
 - Goldsucher (goLd)
 - Narabi Trading Company (ntc)
 - Onyx Ploohns (onyx)
 - Piraten der Nacht (mob)
 - Sirianische Schattengarde (cm)
 - Trollische Räte Unition (styx)
 - Waldläufer (hobo)

 - Captn Holbrook was sailing a caravel with too much alcohol.
 - One of the Soldiers died because of boredom.
 - Delivery of new ships on Darkisland is in time.

 - We provide a map of the known world of Eressea.
   Please refer here. 
   An older map can be found here.

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